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Cleaner and care for aircraft leather seats, cleaning agent for aviation, cabin interior cleaner
Golden Bull Readymix 1L container - cleaning and care agent for aircraft leather seats

About the company Golden Bull GmbH

The company Golden Bull GmbH can fall back on decades of experience in ecological leather care and special skills in cleaning industry. With our product Golden Bull® Readymix (1L container / 33,8 oz bottle) we produce a cleaning and care product of the highest quality, using only pure herbal ingredients. This distinguishes us from other providers around the world. Our product contains only pure nature, nothing else.


With our ecological cleaning and care agent for aircraft leather we have been setting standards in the leather care and maintenance industry for aircraft. Golden Bull Readymix is completely biodegradable and suitable for all kind of smooth aircraft leather seats.


We guarantee the fulfilment of strict technical and health criteria based on aviation regulations for the selection of raw materials and our manufacturing process.


For more information about us please visit our website www.golden-bull.de.


Golden Bull Team - Your supplier for ecological leather cleaning agents

How to use our product

The following document shows how to clean and maintain leather seats with our product:

Instructions (PDF document with pictures)


If you have any questions regarding our product please do not hesitate to contact us via email (info@golden-bull.de) or the below contact form.

Test references Golden Bull® Readymix for aircraft leather

  • Golden Bull Readymix is approved by Lufthansa Technik Design Organisation for the standard use in leather cleaning and care procedures in aircraft.
  • Boeing D6-7127 Rev. P - Category: Leather and Naugahyde Cleaners. - Open document
  • Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 - Category: Exterior and General Cleaners. - Open document
  • CLC-Report - Based on: Rules for restricted substances at Lufthansa AG. - Open document
  • CBA-Report - Based on: Flammability test according to the Pensky Martens menthod. - Open document
Grey aircraft seats treated with Golden Bull Readymix cleaner and care for leather. Aircraft interior cleaning and care agent Golden Bull Readymix for avitation industry.
Grey aircraft seats treated with Golden Bull Readymix cleaner and care for leather. The seat on the left is untreated.

NCP certified quality

EcoControl certificates and inspects our manufacturing and quality management process to ensure compliance to high standards.

  • no additional fragrances
  • no additional colourings
  • no preservatives
  • no allergenic additives
  • no enzymes
  • no bleach
  • no GM technology
  • no animal testing
  • no nano technology
  • no petrochemical additives
  • no complexing agents

All raw materials originate from natural resources and are completely biodegradable. The natural lipid replenishing oils in the product come from verified organic sources. Ingredients (INCI) §EG no. 648/2004: aqua, potassium olivate, potassium cocoate, alkylpolyglucoside, glycerine, citrate.


For more information about the NCP quality label please visit the website of the company Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftsethik.

Golden Bull Readymix cleaner and care agent for aircraft interior cleaning is certified by EcoControl in accordance with the Nature Care Products Standard.

EcoControl certificate Golden Bull® Readymix

Evidence of Conformity with the Nature Care Products Standard, manufactoring method and quality management. According to EcoControls audit system, following ISO 17020 regulations. A standard of the Society of Applied Ethics in Business.

Open document

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To get a quote, please use the below form or send an email to info@golden-bull.de. Please let us know your name, your email address, the name and address of your company, as well as the needed qunatity.

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MSDS - material safety data sheet Golden Bull® Readymix

Based on: EU regulations: 1907/2006/EG Art 31 an Art 4 Abs. 74 Gv.7.8.2013/3154 (WRMG).


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